Tosca, opera review: Pint-sized success

…the singers, they turn the tiny stage into an emotional cauldron.

Nick Kimberley

Tosca review at King’s Head Theatre, London – ‘inventive touches’

Willowy and highly strung, Marriott’s Tosca is sung with formidable point and accuracy, while Roger Paterson’s engagingly boyish Cavaradossi (here Cavaradain) is poetically voiced.

Yehuda Shapiro

Review of Tosca at the King’s Head Theatre

Roger Paterson as Cavaradain gave the character a youthful freshness

Review of Tosca at the King’s Head Theatre

…the vocal masterclass here is given by Paterson’s Cavaradossi. Paterson’s tone is rich and warm, full of loving tenderness without compromising in power or timbre. He pitches the perfect amount of vibrato to add depth to his vocal and still keep control of the melody. It’s an assured performance that is often only found after many years of practice or, in very rare cases, by individuals with a purely natural talent for mastering the profundities of the discipline. Paterson is a very special singer indeed.

Daniel Perks

Opera in the City Festival Double Bill, Mozart and Salieri – Bridewell Theatre, London

Nick Dwyer’s soothing tones, a rich and deep voice that washes smoothly around this former swimming pool’s walls. As Mozart, his friend and target, Roger Paterson is a chipper and energetic fellow – providing clear colour and bounce to the music.

Karl O’Doherty

Duel of duos: Rimsky-Korsakov’s Mozart and Salieri, Mascagni’s Zanetto

Roger Paterson’s playfully irrepressible Mozart, unintentionally radiating genius through his restless dynamism, soon reveals significant and intriguing inner depths with his sweetly crisp, pliant tenor.

Charlotte Valori